How millennials will grow Australia’s impact investing market

The Life Insurance Code of Practice demonstrates the life insurance industry’s commitment to improving standards and strengthening consumer protections.

Boomers are vastly different to the generations who retired before them.

When some new kids on the block – not a Windsor knot to be seen – enter the superannuation sector with some brazen new marketing, all on social media, it’s pretty arresting.

Australia’s housing affordability crisis and a new report revealing investors aged under 35 are more risk averse than their baby boomer counterparts could be giving clues about the next big trend in the investing habits of millennials - and it proves they can have their smashed avocado and eat it too!

Impact investing is a unique and innovative method of both social service provision and investing – involving Government, investors and the not-for-profit sector working together for a dual purpose. The most pressing social and environmental issues cannot be solved by the public sector alone, hence the need for institutional investors to invest capital, while the need for solutions grows. While the current impact investing market in Australia is small, it has great potential to transform into an asset class with attractive rates of return for 'traditional’ or 'mainstream’ investors.