It’s the biggest intergenerational transfer in history, but leading super funds could miss out to more targeted newcomers if they don’t learn to speak millennial – and fast.

George Soros and Warren Buffet are most often named as role models for young recruits in financial services. But for young women entering the industry, female role models are few and far between. “76% of investment managers are white men, and most of those are private school educated” says Yolanda Beattie, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Leader at Mercer.

Millennials are now the world’s number one source of income, spending and wealth creation. But how well do we really know the generation born between the years of about 1980  and 2000? And are our services up to scratch for this enormous (and enormously crucial) demographic? Many of us are aware of their unprecedented technological adoption in a broad sense.

The FSC is committed to considering ASIC approval of the Code for its second iteration. 

We wanted to get some independent research to add to the public debate – so we engaged the competition policy experts.

How millennials will grow Australia’s impact investing market