As trusted professionals, we are expected to keep our knowledge and skills up to date which can often be difficult to juggle whilst working through our day to day tasks. The FSC is committed to assisting our members with this through our range of CPD solutions.

What is CPD and why is it important

CPD is the continuation of learning to ensure we maintain and build upon our professional abilities, knowledge and skills in order to provide the highest quality information and services to clients. It assists us to stay on top of regulatory, technical and any other relevant information and changes to our industry. CPD is a requirement of many member organisations which have individual membership.


CPD activities and points

Below as a guide is a list of activities/events that may allow you to claim CPD points with your membership organisations (but you will need to be aware of their requirements yourself in terms of what is allowable under the membership organisation charter).

  • FSC industry working groups
    • 1 point per 1-hour meeting
  • Policy Briefings (in person or via webinars)
    • 1 point per 1-hour event
    • 0.5 point per 30-minute session
    • 0.75 point for 45-minute session
  • Conferences
    • 1 point per 1-hour session (up to a maximum 6 per day)
    • 0.5 point per 30-minute session
    • 0.75 point for 45-minute session
  • FSC Board and Board Committee service
    • 1 point per hour or a pro-rate for partial hours (for example a 1.5 hour meeting will be worth 1.5 points)

Note: The FSC does not issue CPD points directly but has an assessment arrangement with a third-party organisation to advise on CPD options with a range of providers where we can.

According to the reporting of the third party, CPD point allocation may vary from the above and is dependent upon the CPD requirements of the individual organisations with individual memberships of which you will need to be aware. This is beyond the FSC’s control and is governed by the individual bodies.