The Digital Advice Expert Group has been formed with the goal of defining digital financial advice in an Australian context, and helping shape the policy environment to support its adoption.

Digitally delivered financial advice is now widely accepted as a critical component in the Australian government’s policy goals of increasing the accessibility and affordability of advice in general, and especially towards the goal of seeing superannuation funds delivering much larger volumes of advice to their members.


Digital advice is not a special form of advice; it is the digital delivery of personal financial advice whether guidance or general advice through to personal advice. It operates within the existing advice regulatory framework.

Its distinct characteristic is the use of technology to undertake parts or even all of the advice process: gathering data, understanding a consumer’s circumstances and objectives, developing a recommended strategy, and an appropriate manner of implementing the strategy (which may or may not involve product recommendations).

While the entire advice process can be automated, in many cases digital advice is combined with a human adviser, and/or employee or call centre support, to deliver the confirmation that many consumers value, especially with more complex topics such as retirement.

By combining the best aspects of technology and people, digital advice can make advice available to far more Australians, at far lower cost than traditional financial advisers. It works alongside traditional advisers, and other professions such as accounting, and employers, who continue to play an important role, and make advice possible once more for everyday Australians.


We welcome representatives from financial technology advice providers to join the group. Please reach out via the FSC for membership details.


For more information please contact;

Zach Castles
Policy Director, Advice & Platforms
P: 0421 640 562
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Work within the FSC in proposing policy and responding to draft policy from regulators and government

Standard setting

Raise awareness and understanding of definition of digital advice, and its benefits for consumers and stakeholders


Work with industry bodies, associations and traditional financial advice providers to advance adoption of digital advice

Best practice

Facilitate the exchange of digital advice knowledge and insights from overseas and within Australia to inform industry standards and end-state objectives

Promote adoption

Encourage financial institutions, large and small, to integrate digital financial advice within their customer propositions to provide greater accessibility, affordability and choice for Australians seeking secure financial futures


andrew baker

Global Head of Strategy & Corporate Services
Ignition Advice

Andrew has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry including founding industry consulting firm Tria Investment Partners, and subsequently senior roles with AustralianSuper, QSuper, and NMG Consulting’s London practice. Andrew develops and executes Ignition’s business and financial strategy and acts as Ignition’s policy subject matter expert.

George Haramis

Fiduciary Co-Founder & CEO

George has over 30 years of financial services experience in senior executive roles managing some of the country’s largest and most successful financial advisory business, including; Perpetual Private Clients, Head of Advice & Investments at ANZ Private Bank, Managing Director of RetireInvest – Australia’s only Franchised Advice business, Principal of Mercer Global Consulting and managed Sealcorp’s advice business Securitor, as well as establishing the Asgard Corporate division.

Jacqui Henderson


Jacqui’s 20+ years’ experience in private wealth & fintech, coupled with her professional background in the telco & technology industries sparked pioneering her venture into digital advice.

Jacqui is passionate about the digital advice client experience, human behavioural science, and AI – all of which were founding principles of her innovative Advice Intelligence software.

She consults to financial advice firms & institutions in developing their digital advice strategy; specialising in client experience journeys, target service & operating models, through to technology implementation.

Jason Nyilas

Executive Adviser

Jason has a wealth management and pensions background from his time in Australia and overseas over the course of 30 years. He has worked in industry and in professional services firms focusing on strategy, marketing, operations, M&A and digital transformations for wealth and retirement firms in the US, the UK, Malaysia and Australia.

He is Executive Adviser to two fintechs, MoneyGPS and HeirWealth.