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Limiting the scheduling of financial adviser exams holds back professional year (PY) candidates because it takes them longer than one year to complete a professional year at a cost to both them and the licensee.

There is extensive research showing that organisations directly benefit from diversity in a range of ways; diversity of thought, improved decision making, new innovation and better financial performance. Yet the data around organisational diversity is not at desired levels. 

The FSC continues work on updating the FSC investment management agreement (IMA). The FSC is continuing dialogue with members and legal counsel what some of the key changes and updates are likely to be.

It’s almost thirty years to the day marking Australia’s transformation into a nation of compulsory savers with the introduction of the superannuation guarantee. From humble beginnings, our superannuation system is now the fourth largest pension system in the world. 

A regulatory framework that empowers consumers to get limited advice on simple or basic issues is the key outcome the FSC seeks from the Quality of Advice Review.

More than 800,000 Australians have transacted in digital assets over the past three years. However, due to regulatory uncertainty, growth in retail investment in digital assets has led to concerns that retail consumers are without adequate consumer protections.  

Australians deserve a superannuation system that is fair, efficient and competitive. When it comes to the regulatory environment, Australian superannuation funds have been navigating the biggest reform agenda since the system’s inception.

With the 2022 election having been called on the weekend, the campaign period will see the FSC take stock in preparation for the outcome.

Major digital platforms such as Google and Facebook have been under greater scrutiny over the way their services, particularly through targeted advertisements and taking advantage of algorithms, can be used to spread misinformation.  

The FSC has had success in advocating for changes to the unfair contract terms regime so that it appropriately caters for life insurance.

By the end of this year all of us will have a picture of what the advice sector could look like when Michelle Levy’s Review makes its recommendations to government. 

Treasury’s Quality of Advice review will determine the policy settings of life insurance for years to come and show that the Life Insurance Framework has been an effective reform that has protected consumer outcomes.