New Life Insurance Code of Practice

The current Life Insurance Code of Practice has already set important benchmarks to ensure that people can take out life insurance with confidence, that, if the time comes, their life insurer will be there to support them.

The New Life Code, which will come into force on 1 July 2023, will introduce over 50 new important consumer protections that cover every aspect of how customers interact with their life insurer - from the way products are designed, to how they are sold and for those customers who make a claim.

It also has important new protections for customers going through times of vulnerability, financial hardship or experiencing a mental health condition.

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The Life Insurance Code of Practice
Part 1: The Code of Practice
Part 2: Policy design, advertising and sales standards
Part 3: Communicating with you
Part 4: Buying a Life Insurance Policy
Part 5: Claims
Part 6: Supporting customers experiencing vulnerability or financial hardship
Part 7: Complaints
Part 8: Code governance
Part 9: Definitions
Appendix A: Moratorium on Genetic Tests in Life Insurance
Appendix B: Supporting customers experiencing a mental health condition