In my first couple of months as CEO of the Financial Services Council I have sought to meet with as many FSC members as possible, to understand from their perspective what the FSC is doing well, and where we can improve.  

A strong message was that effective advocacy and policy development is the core function of the FSC. Members want the FSC to have a strong voice in Canberra on all the issues that impact the sectors we represent – financial advice, superannuation, funds management and life insurance.  

Discussions have also demonstrated an industry concern that there is a greater need to advocate on behalf of advice and investment platforms.  

Platforms play an important role supportive advisers and giving consumers greater choice of financial products, but are complex and poorly understood by regulators and policy makers.  

The FSC will lead new policy and advocacy on the important role platforms play in the financial services industry. 

The FSC and the industry we represent is in a strong position after the turmoil of the last couple of years, and I look forward to continuing to work with member companies to provide the best service we can. 

Lastly, we stand in solidarity with the New Zealand Financial Services Council and their latest campaign to promote and take meaningful action to improve the financial wellbeing of women.  

A recent survey revealed 80% of New Zealand women rate their financial wellbeing as either moderate, low or very low. Organisations are invited to get involved and take up the #LetsTalkAboutMoney challenge by visiting 


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