Have you heard of the Australian Death Notification Service? Well if you have, you’re in the minority.

And if you haven’t until now, I assure you that this will be worthwhile reading.

The death of a loved one is tremendously sad and difficult. It is certainly not helped by the amount of time and effort needed for the death administration process. In the interests of making this more efficient and streamlined, the Australian Government has launched the Australian Death Notification Service (ADNS), an online self-service portal that allows an individual to notify multiple organisations that someone has died so their accounts can be closed or transferred.

My role at the FSC is to actively advocate for initiatives like this one that improve the cohesiveness of the financial services ecosystem in which FSC members operate, helping them to better serve their customers now and into the future.

The benefits for customers using the ADNS are:

  • A clear starting point for the deceased administration process;
  • Avoidance of self-initiated, repetitive, and potentially painful conversations; and
  • Freeing up time away from death administration.

The benefits to organisations partnering with the ADNS are:

  • Reduced operating costs and increased efficiencies from the prompt identification of deceased accounts; and
  • A genuine opportunity for organisations to improve the experiences and outcomes for their customers and the broader community.

There are no associated costs to join and there is free advertising available to organisations through the ADNS. 

The FSC’s members, which include all life insurers currently writing new business in Australia today and retail superannuation funds, are collectively well-placed to offer their strong support for such a great initiative. I’m proud to help facilitate the process.

The ADNS can be accessed here: Australian Death Notification Service

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