About the Financial Services Council


About the Financial Services Council's Members

The Financial Services Council (FSC) has over 100 members. Our Full Members represent  Australia's retail and wholesale funds management businesses, superannuation funds, life insurers, financial advisory networks and licensed trustee companies.

Our Supporting Members represent the professional services firms such as ICT, consulting, accounting, legal, recruitment and research houses.

The industry is responsible for investing more than $2.7 trillion on behalf of 13 million Australians. The pool of funds under management is larger than Australia’s GDP and the capitalisation of the Australian Securities Exchange and is the fourth largest pool of managed funds in the world.

The FSC promotes best practice for the financial services industry by setting mandatory Standards for its members and providing Guidance Notes to assist in operational efficiency. 


Our Vision

For all Australians to have a fair and financially secure future.


Our Mission

The Financial Services Council’s mission is to assist our members achieve the following outcomes for Australians:

  • to increase their financial security and wellbeing;
  • to protect their livelihoods;
  • to provide them with a comfortable retirement;
  • to champion integrity, ethics and social responsibility in financial services; and
  • to advocate for financial literacy and inclusion.

We will do this by continuously engaging in advocacy concerning the development of the social, economic and regulatory framework in which our members operate, thereby helping them to better serve their clients and customers.

The Financial Services Council is committed to:

  • being open, transparent, and collaborative;
  • encouraging ethical and equitable behaviour by members through the development of industry standards;
  • negotiating the creation of efficient regulatory regimes; and
  • creating “level playing fields” and competitive markets.


Our Values

  • Taking initiative and owning outcomes;
  • Being open, transparent and collaborative;
  • Leading with ethical behaviour; and
  • Socially responsible – giving back to the community.