The Financial Services Council has released an updated Standard Investment Management Questionnaire for the provision of data by fund managers to asset consultants, research houses, dealer groups, platforms and other parties requiring comprehensive information on any fund management group's operations and processes.


The Questionnaire comprises qualitative and quantitative sections in Word format.


FSC members can  document click here  to download the full Investment Management Questionnaire. Non-members are able to purchase form by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Do you only need a single chapter?

Due to the large size of the complete Questionnaire we have provided the individual chapters below. Click on each name to download the chapter.


  document Alternative Asset Funds

  document Australian and Global Direct Property Funds

  document Australian and Global Listed Property Funds

  document Australian Equity Funds

  document Australian Small Cap Funds

  document Currency Funds

  document Emerging Market Equity Funds

  document Global Equity Funds

  document Multi Manager Funds (including Hedge FoF)

  document Section 1 Non Investments FINAL

  document Section 2 Investments FINAL


Quantitative data collection - an optional companion document

There is an Excel document available for use. This is optional only and can be used by consultants, research houses and other users of the Questionnaire in the event of no internal quantitative data collection method. The Questionnaire has been extended to cover the provision of quarterly data. This document has not been updated in line with the Word version of the Questionnaire but is still of value.


To download the Excel companion document spreadsheet click here .


For any questions regarding the Questionnaire please contact us directly on (02) 9299 3022.