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Draft Guidelines

There are no Draft Guidelines currently.

No proposed changes to FSC Guidance Note No.1 or Standard No. 6.

GIPS Executive Committee

The GIPS Executive Committee (EC) promotes the adoption and implementation of a single global investment performance presentation standard as the common method for calculating and presenting investment performance. The EC serves as the effective decision-making authority for the GIPS standards and replaces the former Investment Performance Council (IPC).

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P Group Operating Committee

The sponsor in the Australian market of GIPS is the Performance Analyst Group of Australia (P Group). The P Group Operating Committee is responsible for promoting GIPS and ensuring that the Standards are kept up to date and in line with changes to external factors.

The objectives of the P Group Operating Committee are:

  • Promotion of the Australian Investment Performance Standards.
  • Maintaining AIPS in line with the Country Version of GIPS (CVG) endorsement conditions specified by the IPC Country Standards Sub Committee (CSSC).
  • Preparation of official Australian industry responses to all IPC request for comment documents.
  • Resolution of local issues that require amendments to AIPS.
  • Issuance of AIPS Guidance Statements.

P Group Operating Committee Submissions to the GIPS Executive Commitee:

Guidance Statement on the Treatment of Carve Outs
Guidance Statement on the Use of Supplemental Information
Addition of Advertising Guidelines to the GIPS Standards
Addition of Venture Capital and Private Equity and Guidance to GIPS Standards
Addition of Leverage and Derivates Provisions and Guidance to the GIPS Standards

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