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Nominations Board Committee


This Committee is responsible for providing support and advice to the Board in fulfilling its responsibility to members to ensure that the Board is comprised of individuals who reflect the full diversity of the Financial Services Council’s ("FSC") membership and are best able to discharge the responsibilities of Directors having regard to the law and the highest standards of governance by:

  • assessing the skills required to be a Board member;
  • periodically assessing the extent to which:

     -  the required skills are represented on the Board; and

     -  the level of diversity of representation which has been achieved.

  • assessing nominations for members of the Board;
  • establishing processes to identify and interview candidates for election or to fill vacancies on the Board; and
  • supporting the Board by making timely recommendations on candidates it considers appropriate for Board membership.

Members of the Nominations Board Committee

FSC Chairman, Greg Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, Schroder Investment Management Aust Ltd

FSC Deputy Chairman, Brad Cooper, Chief Executive, BT Financial Group

FSC Deputy Chairman, Geoff Lloyd, Chief Executive Officer, Perpetual Limited


FSC Contacts

Sally Loane                            
Chief Executive Officer

P: 02 9299 3022


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